About Collabs

What is Collabs?

Collabs is still the first and only educational production environment with the sole focus of creating original animated properties shared among all of the artists in training, and the intent of distributing and marketing the projects once completed.

Who is Collabs for?

Recent graduates, junior animators, or superstar students who want to be a part of an intellectual property destined for development, and who are looking for the last phase of their education – production experience.

Where is Collabs taking place?

Collabs caters to both online and offline participants. Online participants will be able to participate in Collabs through our partnership with TheoryAnimation.com. Offline participants will take part in an 8 week intensive training course at Arconyx Animation Studios in Sherman Oaks, CA.

When is Collabs?

Collabs 2014 takes place July 14th to September 5th. Registration deadlines are quickly approaching and there are limited spots. Reserve your space soon to avoid being disappointed.

Why Collabs?

The animation industry is going through some major shifts right now. Voices at the top of our field are clamoring for greater profit participation at the facility level with major box office successes. Artists in turn are speaking about organization and unionization to get the same kinds of protection. Yet even though at the education level schools online AND offline have changed their models to include production training, it seems like EVERYONE is waiting for a top-down solution. Everyone seems to be patiently waiting for the studios to change the industry in our favor. If we know what major changes are needed, why are we waiting for someone else to give us the ok? If we see the future of how content is going to be created, why not start now? Who are we waiting for to give us permission to set up our own model?

Why Collabs? Because we’re not going to wait for an answer to “Why not?” any longer.

Why Collabs for you? If you are in the middle or near the end of your animation training, then wouldn’t you rather receive your production experience while also collaborating on a property that is going to be brought to the market? A property that you own?

These are the reasons we’ve created Collabs.

In this 8 week intensive course you will be put literally to the test as you work with other aspiring storytellers to bring your own original IP to life, while receiving the production experience needed to get employment in the changing industry. With a close-knit production environment catered especially to you, you will receive pertinent hands-on training on a real project.

There are two ways you can be a part of Collabs 2014, commencing July 14th, 2014.


Collabs on-site means you will be here for our 8-week intensive course at Arconyx Animation Studios in Culver City, CA.

You will receive:

  • 8 weeks of development and training in a real studio.
  • 1 hour of lecture/instruction every day from industry veteran Kenny Roy.
  • Hours of dailies and critique sessions throughout the week.
  • A weekly guest lecture from a prominent director or supervisor from a major animation studio.
  • Access to the ENTIRE library of HUNDREDS of animation training videos on KennyRoy.com.
  • Front row seat to the weekly guest webcast, in which Kenny interviews our guest on their projects and views on the industry.
  • A share in the developed intellectual property to be pitched to major studios.
  • Exposure to the goings-on at a working animation studio.
  • Full run of a state of the art, networked animation studio pipeline.


Collabs is also available online. Through our partnership with theoryanimation.com, the entire Collabs experience is being offered to a select group of animators abroad.

You will receive:

  • 8 weeks of time collaborating via webcam with our on-site team.
  • Access to the daily lecture stream via the web from industry veteran Kenny Roy.
  • Access to the critique sessions and dialies via the web.
  • Access to the weekly Guest Lecture stream via the web.
  • Access to the ENTIRE library of HUNDREDS of animation training videos on KennyRoy.com.
  • Access to the Guest Webcast.
  • Supervision and critique on all of your work on the short.
  • A share in the developed intellectual property to be pitched to major studios.

Fees and Registration

Collabs on-site participation costs $3999 US.

Collabs online participation costs $2799 US.

Spaces Available

We will only accept up to 12 on-site and 24 online artists for Collabs 2014, which begins July 14th, 2013.

Registration Deadline

Registration deadline for the Summer 2013 Collabs is June 6th, 2014. Register here to reserve your spot now.

How does Collabs compare to other production-environment training offerings?

Other Online Courses

Other On-site Courses

Four Year Universities


Short Film Course

Online Pipeline

Brick and Mortar Offering

An Intellectual Property That YOU own

Hands on, 1-on-1 Instruction

Your Maya Scene Files Opened

Live Weekly Guest Speakers

Access to a Renderfarm

Unlimited access to a library of 100's of training videos

Your project pitched to studios

The lowest cost per hour of training.

Full support of a working animation studio

Working with coordinators and producers as in a real production

If you still have questions, please visit the FAQ.

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